About Poems In Cursive

Poetry IS the heart of the matter.   

The Heart of the Matter

Handwritten text is my starting point for most writing, especially poetry.  In journals and on fugitive sheets of paper, phrases fall like scattered seed.  Some germinate into full bloom while others lay fallow.  Perhaps fragements generate new roots, take hold and aim skyward.

My inspiration arrives from many things:

    • Words
    • Words Read
    • Words Spoken
    • Words Overheard
    • Books
    • Wabi-Sabi Things
    • Old Handwritten Letters
    • Old Handwritten Diaries and Journals
    • Paintings
    • Photographs
    • Him – always him

If you find inspiration here, my wish for you is to soar, taking  with you a few seeds that may eventually be in full flower.  There can never be enough beauty or understanding in the world – nor love.


All content unless otherwise noted is (c) 2012 ntaylorcollins.  Please feel free to borrow but request permission if you want to use photos or text in published form other than social media sites, personal blogs, and for other  personal use.


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