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Reflections on a Late Summer’s Day

My reflection on the rain-soaked street as I hold a leaky umbrella way above my head. I love the rainbow effects of the water-laden grass.

Poetry – when it’s done really well – addresses all the senses.  You can see, taste, smell, hear, and touch this thing that’s been given life.

Today, rain walked with me on my stroll around the neighborhood.  Rain taught me wetness.  She let me hear the shushing sound the drops make on approach–the rustle as she shakes the now-dying leaves of late summer.  Rain lets me get a whiff of her as she tamped down the dust-laden air.  I could taste her on my lips as she rinsed my face, dampened my flattening hair.  And I could see her change the colors of everything she touched–see the drops strike the mottled grays and greens–watch objects gain respite from omnipresent dust.

Writing Exercise –  Rain belongs to everyone.  Write about the rain.  Write by hand and let rain dampen the page.  Or write about the lack of rain.  What senses does she awaken in you – this rainfall?  Dig for metaphors;  personify the rain;  let rain be the drizzle, the downpour for the rainfalls in your life.

Grab your umbrella and walk in showers.  Learn to observe what you are sensing and write about these sensations and observations.  Reflect upon reflections.  Use waterstained papers to write your poetic thoughts. What do you think when you think of rain?  Tell me.   What does rain strike in you?