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Not Writing a Book in My Head

I have spent many days stringing and unstringing my instrument

while the song I came to sing

remains unsung.                                Tagore

Write Daily in April

Write Daily in April


Are you ready for National Poetry Month?  Are you still writing that book in your head?

Why not combine the two and write a few fragments during April?

If you write something every day, you will have 30 pieces of concrete thoughts on your page. Think of it– at least 30 pages or more of writing.
I’ll be posting a writing prompt everyday during April. You’re welcome to participate and share your thoughts, ideas or writing. If you’re local in the Dover, Delaware area, you can stop by and participate in person.
Here are the rules. Well actually there is only one rule. Write for 20 minutes using the prompt I provide.  Write is the main function of this exercise.  If you don’t like the prompt, write — “I don’t like this.” Then write about whatever inspires you. At the end of 20 minutes, take a couple of minutes to read over your writing and do a little fixing (editing is too strong of a word). And then…
Read what you have written out loud. This step is crucial as it let’s you hear your words in your voice. If you attend here at the studio, you don’t have to read if you don’t want to. And then…
Write for another 20 minutes on a different aspect of the prompt I provide or follow your own train of thought. Repeat above process until you have written, reviewed and read for approximately 2 hours.
For those in or close to Dover, the poster included in this post will be in my window daily. You are welcome to join me each day or whenever you have time.   This is a free service as poetry is that important. Writing is that important. If you want to share fragments or snippets, you can reply to blog posts here or in twitter using the hashtags #ParkeGreen and/or #NWABIMH.
For those ready to NOT continue writing that book in your head, I welcome you. Wine will be served May 1 to celebrate. Cheers to all.
Let the writing begin!

Found – I Am a Free Lover

Collage I Am A Free Lover

Collage I Am A Free Lover

Poetry – perhaps more so than other records – reminds us that the struggles of humanity are often profound.  As I searched a woman to highlight for Women’s History Month, Victoria Woodhull’s name popped into view. Why she isn’t better known is a mystery to me as she was, among many other things, the first woman to run for President of the United States. No, in case you are thinking as I was, it was not Hillary.

One speech she gave caught my attention because of the freshness of the content. The speech was given over 150 years ago and yet it spoke of truths needed today. I have watched with dismay as several states have passed draconian laws against women regarding birth control and the right to decide what is best for their lives in the area of child-bearing.

I became a feminist because of the Delaware laws in effect back in the seventies  a husband needed to approve various procedures.  As a woman, the state felt I could not make my own decisions.  Poetry did not come to mind decades ago. But now, reading Victoria’s speech, everything about women’s rights became focused. This struggle isn’t over. It is up to each of us to remain viligent.

I found the poem in her speech. I visualized her reading it and the poem evolved from the impact of that image which I included in my collage. I close the poem with the following:

” sister, I, too, am a free lover.

I take your mantel lest I forget

they will try yet again and again and again

and again and again to interfere..