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Not Writing A Book In My Head – Day 29

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s post (link below) gives the most poignant example of “keeping a stiff upper lip” as I’ve ever seen. Come up with words to describe the resolve it takes to accept things as they are and move on. Explore the meanings of resignation. What part does your faith play in overcoming adversity?  Write about courage. Write about cowardice. Explore both sides of the issue – the attacker, the attacked.  National Poetry Month is drawing to a close. Explore your writings this month and find the common thread, the links you discover as you expand your writing string. What twists and knots tangle you up?  What brews…ready to percolate ?

Writable About - from Elizabeth Gilbert Post on April 28, 2014.

Writable About – from Elizabeth Gilbert Post on April 28, 2014.


Not Writing A Book in My Head – Day 28

Horoscopes offer a variety of suggestions and predictions. I’ve always enjoyed reading what my future holds but place little stock in the validity of the suggestions. For some reason, I kept this horoscope from the newspaper last month as it was stuck into this notebook. I’m sure it contains the kernel of a poem but no recollection occurs to me at the moment of what inspired me upon reading it.

What past truth did a future action hold?  What future prediction do you question?  Use this writing prompt to explore what if’s and might have been’s based on the predictions could have changed your course. 


Not Writing a Book in My Head – Day 27

Old journal entries are great fodder. My poems in cursive as well as other entries are usually difficult to read. Deciphering in and if itself becomes an art form. I have used the ripe peach metaphor a few times. I know it can be trite as it’s so obviously not about a peach but in journal entries going with the flow is the whole point. In revision clarity evolves if the stars are aligned and you are willing to sacrifice your first born. Just kidding. The point, though, is the first thoughts contain the seeds. You’ve got a lot of tilling to do to get any fruit. Cheers. Hope these writing prompts are helping you get through National Poetry Month.

Writable about Prompt 27 - it's not about a peach.

Writable about Prompt 27 – it’s not about a peach.

Not Writing a Book in My Head – Prompt 26

This morning my cat, Elvis, reminded me of a ship’s masthead sitting on the sea of my unmade bed. My bedroom is teeming with books and often a cat or two takes over my space. What does your bedroom hold?  Speak in metaphors. Tell me what moves you to poetry here.

Not Writing a Book in My Head - Prompt 26

Writable About. Sleeping with books and cats.



Not Writing A Book in My Head – Day 25

I’m also a painter and my studio is a complete wreck from too many overlapping projects. Writing prompts and projects of collage are beckoning and layers of unearthed treasures in my clutter are appearing.  I noticed this arrangement of things and decided it would make a inspiring prompt since it’s a poem by a friend who’s a wonderful poet, Linda Eve Diamond.

Her book, The Beauty of Listening, combines visual poems and a variety of forms interspersed with thought-provoking graphics. I’ll post links in more detailed posts as you simply must hear Linda read.  Her enunciation and lilt enhance the poetic experience in many ways.

As a firm believer that poets should speak their work aloud to insure against faltering or unintended  breakages, I find that Linda proves that listening is in itself an art form that readers will enjoy as she reads her work. Whether being read or being heard, her poems inspire.

Writable About - handwritten Love Letters

Writable About – handwritten Love Letters

Love Letters by Linda Eve Diamond

Love Letters by Linda Eve Diamond

Not Writing a book in my Head – Day 24

Did you carry a poem today?  Did you share it?  I chose The Secret by Denise Levertov. Here’s The link to her bio and other poems by her to provide you with much inspiration. #pocketpoem is being used in Twitter. Hope you’re capturing lots of handwritten fragments to turn into poetry and other writing projects.  National Poetry Month is the only month I write every single day. Maybe this year the habit will continue.

Writeable about - The Secret

Writeable about – The Secret

Not Writing a Book in your Head – Day 23

Inspiration often arrives from place. Today’s writing prompt came from the corner of the May/June issue of Poets and Writers Magazine.  Where we write  caught my attention as a cover item and the article by Julene Bair reeled me in. My studio is in a local landmark of national significance–a terrific place to write for many reasons. Where do you write?  Tomorrow is Poem in Your Pocket Day. Will you write some place special or share poetry about place?

Writable About - prompt 23.  Delaware -- I Write in the First State.

Writable About – prompt 23. Delaware — I Write in the First State.

Handkerchief – a Cursive Poem

There’s only a few days left for National Poetry Month. I’m sharing my journal page this morning as a shard of poetry emerged that I felt was worth sharing. I constantly revise and this post shows my last handwritten draft and then the final one I printed in more or less ready-for-computer format.

You might also notice the page number. I try to number all pages if possible and throw in dates when I write. My aggravation level increases when an entry is undated as putting it into context is difficult sometimes. How I envy writers who keep meticulous journals and everything in chronological order!

One hundred and three pages is quite a feat given the hectic nature of this month. There’s lot of fodder gathering in these pages.  I’ll share more on YouTube so you can see better the method to my madness. I will also have a companion piece with tips and quotes and other prompts if you are interested. It could be used as a teaching aid if you need a quick reference plan.

Good luck with your writing and hope this month is productive. Don’t forget Poem in Your Pocket Day is April 24.

Writable About--poem in cursive and hand printed

Writable About–poem in cursive and hand printed

Not Writing A Book In My Head – Day 22

As an artist, projects can be inspiring and they can also be draining. Having finished a commission provides a sudden lift. This poem of three lines offered a chance to create something that expressed this feeling.   Writing prompts can come from many sources.

Writeable About Day 22  Wings collage.

Writeable About Day 22 Wings collage.

Not Writing a Book in My Head – Day 20

Easter Sunday used to be a day for new bonnets and hats. Wearing gloves and new Easter outfits was the norm as well as Easter egg hunts and decorated hard boiled eggs. What traditions do you celebrate and remember? The writing prompt for National Poetry Month today features an old hymn which was a southern revival tradition. What are the traditional and ceremonial songs that you recall. Write about them.

Writable about- prompt 20 faithful songs

Writable about- prompt 20 faithful songs