Handkerchief – a Cursive Poem

There’s only a few days left for National Poetry Month. I’m sharing my journal page this morning as a shard of poetry emerged that I felt was worth sharing. I constantly revise and this post shows my last handwritten draft and then the final one I printed in more or less ready-for-computer format.

You might also notice the page number. I try to number all pages if possible and throw in dates when I write. My aggravation level increases when an entry is undated as putting it into context is difficult sometimes. How I envy writers who keep meticulous journals and everything in chronological order!

One hundred and three pages is quite a feat given the hectic nature of this month. There’s lot of fodder gathering in these pages.  I’ll share more on YouTube so you can see better the method to my madness. I will also have a companion piece with tips and quotes and other prompts if you are interested. It could be used as a teaching aid if you need a quick reference plan.

Good luck with your writing and hope this month is productive. Don’t forget Poem in Your Pocket Day is April 24.

Writable About--poem in cursive and hand printed

Writable About–poem in cursive and hand printed


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About Taylor Collins

Taylor writes in fragments - journals incessantly – the sea a recurring theme. She blogs and works on three writing projects at the moment. She was selected to read a twitter poem, written during National Poetry month, for the “Tell Me More” NPR program in 2011. A day diary was selected for publication in Water Cooler Diaries published in 2008 (De Capo Press). She recently completed a small chapbook, a 12-part poem entitled Flame. Taylor receives “real” rejection letters now – a sure sign her work is being read. She paints and writes in her studio/gallery -- Parke Green Galleries located on the site where the US Constitution was first ratified. She spends time thinking when deep thoughts surface. Taylor leads a rather dry life on the ocean she's tossed about on. Be sure to visit her if you're ever in the state that started our nation. Cheers!

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