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Not Writing a Book in My Head -day 30

This is last Writing prompt for 2014 National Poetry Month. I thought this posted yesterday but stayed in draft it seems. The prompt is a beginning collage piece with handwritten Love in Kanji. The page is in a small handmade journal and will feature unique collages throughout.

During this month, I have offered little direction or additional promoting. My purpose in doing this is not to direct your thoughts into what the prompt reminded me of. What your thoughts are is where you need to start. In the next few weeks I will share completed works and offer additional insight into capturing your fleeting thoughts.

When I began working on the morning write today I thought of the many forms love assumes. From passionate fire to mutual admiration to agape the word love conjures many dreams. As I progressed I received news that my best friend for over40 years

Writable About - Love in Palimpsest

Writable About – Love in Palimpsest

imagehas the big A word. Alzheimer’s. A death sentence of becoming encased in an ever darkening tomb where no light .  I feel my job is to stand watch and to keep throwing logs on the fire in a futile attempt to keep the light source from becoming cold ash. I want a white heat flame. I want an endless supply of hardwood.  My wants  I find myself focused on how this affects me. I will regroup later today. For now, I wallow in self pity. Not the place I want to be when I think of love. And that was the topic.  Love. The many faces of multi-faceted love.   Write.

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