Happiness is…

… hang tags.  Of late, my obsession with them runs somewhat amuck. I use them all the time as note cards, as quote reminders, as art. Yes, they are now part of my collage work.

Musical metaphor

Musical metaphor

If you’re looking for a convenient way to catch fleeting fragments, why not grab a handful and stick them in your pockets or purses?  Today, I noticed these lying on a sketch I’ve been working on. The simplicity caught my attention. The fragment is from an older journal entry and was inspired by a poem by Tony Hoagland – ‘How It Adds Up.”  


In Hoagland’s poem…

Happiness, Joe says, is a wild red flower
plucked from a river of lava
and held aloft on a tightrope
strung between two scrawny trees
above a canyon
in a manic-depressive windstorm.

My poem, devoid of such vivid imagery, leans towards a musical metaphor…more towards the reality of those invisible intangibles that may or may not be real.

Happiness is a past summer’s day
The shadow of a wren dances amidst the frets of twigs
Accompanies the far-off lilt of an owl — relentless insistence–
Who. Who. Who?
To which I–reading scrambled scripted notes–
Chant the chorus… Adagio…always in adagio…
Why?    Why…   Why

As you can see, I ‘m editing this even as I write this post. The process of revision relentless as your vision becomes clearer with each subtle change.

Your mission…should you choose to accept it… Pick up pen, write me a fragment. Hang tags of the world — UNITE!



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About Taylor Collins

Taylor writes in fragments - journals incessantly – the sea a recurring theme. She blogs and works on three writing projects at the moment. She was selected to read a twitter poem, written during National Poetry month, for the “Tell Me More” NPR program in 2011. A day diary was selected for publication in Water Cooler Diaries published in 2008 (De Capo Press). She recently completed a small chapbook, a 12-part poem entitled Flame. Taylor receives “real” rejection letters now – a sure sign her work is being read. She paints and writes in her studio/gallery -- Parke Green Galleries located on the site where the US Constitution was first ratified. She spends time thinking when deep thoughts surface. Taylor leads a rather dry life on the ocean she's tossed about on. Be sure to visit her if you're ever in the state that started our nation. Cheers!

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