What Light Do You Ying in the Yang of Darkness?

These Strained Lyrics

These Strained Lyrics

A past week in October brought a lot of winter with it… One cancer war, two predictable casualties succumbed to mortality, and three repetitious arguments in the twilight zone of Alzheimersville. These days the almost daily un-relentless assaults of time passages leave me angry. I can’t fix anything. Amidst this breakage, I, control freak that I am, can’t make any of this better; can put nothing together again.

And before this post is even finished, I learn a friend must choose hospice in an optionless situation where a villain named mersa entered and now commands center stage. My friends, acquaintances, and inspirations are dying or are now listed among the dead.

What to do! For now, I delve into the arts and vent. The uglier the issue the prettier I want to make things.

So to combat Claudia’s cancer, I painted her rocker from a previous Facebook post. I take her succinct description and make a poem. To avenge the deaths of high school classmates, Doug and Wayne, I write a poem describing our high school building. My best friend of 45 years who doesn’t remember she has Alzheimer’s fòrces me to make deckled paper for use in handwritten works. The repetitious movements, deckling edges by hand, assure me that repetition reinforces the well-trodden path, serves a useful purpose, makes it easier to find a way home.

Claudia Rocks --  A Painting by n Taylor Collins (c) 2014

Claudia Rocks —
A Painting by n Taylor Collins (c) 2014

Above I share my handwritten poem drafts in cursive of a poem for Claudia. It’s incomplete as the words don’t fit. Or, to be more precise, the right words are illusionary and exist in another realm which alludes me at the moment.

So tell me– What do you do to pretty up the uglies in your life? What light do you ying in the yang of darkness? My mantra today — rock on, I will shake my boney hand at the approaching night and shine. Look for me there. Bring me your candle. Help me light the way.





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About Taylor Collins

Taylor writes in fragments - journals incessantly – the sea a recurring theme. She blogs and works on three writing projects at the moment. She was selected to read a twitter poem, written during National Poetry month, for the “Tell Me More” NPR program in 2011. A day diary was selected for publication in Water Cooler Diaries published in 2008 (De Capo Press). She recently completed a small chapbook, a 12-part poem entitled Flame. Taylor receives “real” rejection letters now – a sure sign her work is being read. She paints and writes in her studio/gallery -- Parke Green Galleries located on the site where the US Constitution was first ratified. She spends time thinking when deep thoughts surface. Taylor leads a rather dry life on the ocean she's tossed about on. Be sure to visit her if you're ever in the state that started our nation. Cheers!

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