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Fragments by the Book


I keep journals handy to record short fragments and snippets of current topics. Some are gems. Others mere grains of thought. A year-end contest finds me racing through some stacks of them in the hopes that at least three could be entered. 

Your challenge today should be two-fold. Re-read old works. Garner the best and enter a contest by year’s end.   Here’s a fragment I found that intrigues me…

  • What was left of us? You ask
  • As I cast 
  • Oceans of emotion… 
  • Selfsame repetition 
  • Shrouded again 
  • In mystery…
  • Waves of history
  • Dissolved in undertow…

Maybe I can work this into something enter-able.  Feel free to share what  you find in older works. Do you know what you originally meant in older recordings?  Do you have fragments worth keeping?  

Let your work take on new meaning.  Who knows what could find it’s way into print. Cheers. 
(C) 2015 ntaylorcollns